New major version

Chat feature has been removed from Firetask. Now we have a new product dedicated for conversations, check out Chatness.

New features

  • Animated splash screen
  • Realtime task in list format
  • Realtime task in kanban format
  • Task search
  • User settings section
  • User profile
  • Dark and light mode
  • Integration with user's device contact list (agenda)
  • Speech recognition
  • Text to speech
  • Barcode scanner
  • Admob with new banner formats



Bug Fixes

  • account: calling setRoot at end of login process, also fixed persistence of account photo after upload
  • chat: fixed storage call
  • firebase: add polyfill
  • session: switch online/offline states
  • tasks: fixed storage call
  • tasks-list: improve duration time of loader


  • config: allow navigation


Releasing the 1x1 chat feature

  • refact: now Firetask relies its own module with features by folder-type eg: modules/firetask/feature
  • refact: rename pages to prefix ft-name-page
  • docs: style bg in shared-variables on variables.scss
  • refact: added prefix ft of Firetask in all features (pages, components, providers, etc) to avoid code name collision and improve code reusability
  • refact: renamed provider user to session as it make more sense
  • refact: pluralize config folder name
  • refact: changes type of all configuration files from json to ts
  • refact: rename setup provider to utils
  • fix: improve speed load of first screen after login
  • fix: removed a lot of setTimeout
  • fix: improve first load when user is already logged
  • refact: back all configuration files to pure typescript instead of json
  • fix: removed a lot of unnecessary promises
  • fix: removed count transactions as it can be achieved with a simple firebase query
  • refact: removed onAuthStateChanged event in favor of using localStorage to check if user has session
  • fix: removed a lot of ionic events in favor of a pattern using only angular providers


Pre releasing chat feature

  • fix(photo-manager): picFromCamera was working with full image quality, what was causing low upload speed
  • feat(photo-manager): added a progress bar to indicate upload status
  • refact(user/provider): profileSync method renamed to just sync
  • chore(accounting): merge with sync method. now there is no need to use accounting method anymore
  • refact(database): changes path of user profile data, now its on the root of object to facilitate searching data, (eg: email address) for the database query search
  • refact(user/provider): profile method renamed to current
  • feat(friends): added the friends list feature. a friend can be added through user email address
  • feat(chat): added the chat feature
  • fix(logout): clearing all storage data
  • refact(): renamed stuff module to setup
  • feat(setup/provider): added a provider to wrap some common helpers
  • chore(): updates to ionic-angular 3.2.1

Firebase Rules

Replace your current setup to

"users": {
    ".write": "auth.uid != null",
    ".read": "auth.uid != null",
    ".indexOn": [

Add the chat permissions

"chat": {
    ".write": "auth.uid != null",
    ".read": "auth.uid != null",
    ".indexOn": [


full rewrite from scratch to meets the latest changes and features of Angular and Ionic



In this version we finally was able to add new features on profile page, now you'll can change the profile picture by taking a photo from your camera, crop it or just select another image from device library. Check out bellow the full log:


  • Update your ionic and cordova globally -g
  • Add the cordova platform with @latest
  • Make a clean install from zip

Breaking changes

  • Due to the changes on how we load the configuration files across the app, now you do need to first create your firebase console account, then copy their web config object, that you can easy obtain through 'authentication' screen on your firebase project, then paste in src/config/firebase.json


  • [chore] Updates package.json to work with latest dependencies of Angular/Ionic (final release)
  • [refact] All the configs (src/config) were replaced with json, since now Typescript finally is supporting importation of .json files out-of-box
  • [refact] Component account-avatar property hideDetail now is hideName
  • [feature] New behaviors added to User provider for profile photo management
  • [feature] New component account-photo-manager to change profile picture and cropping based on camera or selecting an image from device gallery
  • [improve] account-avatar to work with base64 images and some other fixes
  • [fix] google login to work with the latest ionic version
  • [fix] slides issues due to migration for the latest ionic version
  • [fix] error on importing asset font ‘marmelad’
  • [feat] adds ‘trash’ button on task detail to delete it. The default behavior (drag to left on listing) does remain the same.
  • [fix] logout. Now when user click menu > logout it first does get the current nav instance and send user to tutorial screen through setRoot, only then the other stuff are being called.

Note: in dev mode (without --prod flag) the console are displaying a warning. Not a serious problem but we're keeping an eye on it

  • [chore] update app-header component to ionic 2 final
  • [fix] delay on clicking in the right side nav-options button (app/header), also changes the ion icon to "options", it make more sense and have a more "clickable" area
  • [refact] account-avatar: removes robohash because it was generating issues on ionic —prod versions. Instead and also to make more sense we added a default user-blank image for new accounts (src/assets/img/user-blank.svg)



Christmas coming and Santa Claus arrived early. In this version we finally get to number 1. All code has been refactored and tested on Android (4.4/6.1) and iOS (10).

From now on we can grow our product without many problems.


  • Update your Ionic and Cordova -g
  • Add the cordova platform with @latest
  • Make a clean install from zip


  • Removed all unnecessary setTimeout() calls
  • Removed all logic from the pages
  • Splits all features (logic, html, scss) into components to easy locate/change/reuse
  • Cleans the code and add a bit more inline docs
  • Fixes some critical bugs
  • Fixes the issue where some times the view were not updating. Solution: NgZone to async calls
  • New Task Provider
  • Removes logic about tasks from User Provider
  • Removes .config from config file names
  • Migrates to Ionic RC4 and app-scripts 0.0.47
  • Refacts user to make logout method be internal and not static
  • Adds Admob provider to abstract the logic from app component
  • Cleans app component moving some methods to User provider
  • Adds firebase provider with method to instantiate it, removing the initialization from user provider. So now Firebase can be easy injected anywhere
  • Changes User.logout() from static to public. So now it needs to be passed into constructor()
  • Adds new component app-header
  • Adds new component app-header-popover removing the logic from pages
  • Adds new component tasks with all the logic embedded
  • Removes pages task-list and task in favor of having a home that calls the tasks component
  • Adds a loading image to tasks component
  • Cleans the logs a bit
  • Improves the about page using ionic list
  • Added tutorial page to menu
  • New splash screen with .psd
  • Added new component app-menu removing all logic from app.component
  • Removes unnecessary imports


  • docs fixed and improved
  • account-password: design improvement
  • account-email: design improvement
  • account-name: design improvement
  • account-forgot: design improvement
  • account-signup: design improvement
  • account-login: design improvement
  • account-forgot: fixed the validation problem
  • account-signin: fixed the login retry issue #9


  • add stats feature to counting total of users and tasks


  • upgraded to Ionic RC3
  • fixed iOS and WP platform issues
  • fixed account-login issues
  • fixed account-forgot issues
  • fixed account-signup issues
  • fixed menu issues
  • fixed task detail issues
  • fixed profile issues


  • New feature: setting user device token to send individual push notifications


  • Fix Google Services


  • General fixes
  • Migration to Ionic2 RC1
  • New feature: Add native AdMob plugin
  • New feature: Add native Firebase plugin to enable analytics, push notifications, event tracking, crash reporting and more from Google Firebase


  • General fixes
  • New feature: Add native share plugin
  • New feature: Add native app version plugin
  • New feature: Full offline support


Launched Firetask with features

  • Tutorial
  • About
  • Account Login
  • Account Login Social
  • Account name change
  • Account email change
  • Account forgot password
  • Account signup
  • Task
  • Task List
  • Task Edit
  • Task Remove
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