Ionic 3 Firebase Authentication

Ionic Firebase Authentication

Firetask enables you to get your Ionic app fully authenticated with Firebase. Our documentation shows a definitive step-by-step guide going through every detail you need to know to get your Ionic Firebase Authentication system up and running with no troubles.

You can set up a simple email auth using Firebase, or implement advanced sign-in with Google and Facebook authentication process.

Our built-in stuff offers

Authentication providers

Redirecting authenticated users

Authentication Pages

Social login with Ionic and Firebase

Setting up Firebase in Ionic

Dependency Injection and Firebase

Authentication setup

Email, Google and Facebook signup and authentication

Obtaining a Social API Key with Firebase

Our docs will guide you to

How to use Facebook Sign-In with Ionic and Firebase

Install the Cordova Plugins

Set up the Facebook native plugin through Ionic Native

Use Facebook platform

With Firetask you'll learn

Create a login page

Use a Provider

Deploy to iOS

Use plugins from ionic-native

Build a fully Firebase app

Create Sign up pages

Avoiding use of Angularfire

Email Google and Facebook authentication

Send a password reset email

Create a Firebase login

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