Realtime Ionic 3 chat app

Realtime Ionic 3 chat app

Features that you need, code you'll love.

Firetask has a pre-built module of chat app using only Ionic 3 and Firebase as basic requirement.

we build our architecture in an own way, using only angular 4+ features, modularizing and making a better use of providers, thus not requiring any extra libraries like AngularFire or Redux.

With Firetask you gets

A fully functional Ionic chat app with Firebase

Scripts, components, providers and resources for your hybrid Ionic app

Default template.
new others coming soon.

Ability to easy extend and create your own Ionic chat app with Firebase using our modules and components

With Firetask you’ll learn

About what is Ionic

How to build a real time hybrid app with Ionic and Firebase

About what is Firebase

How are we building this app

Prerequisites to professional work with Ionic and Firebase

Installing Ionic and Cordova

Setting up a Firebase Account, configs and rules

Scope and architecture of Ionic applications and Realtime Database

Working with Ionic app

Templates and SASS Styling

Integrating Firebase to an Ionic App

Firebase authentication and rules

Using Angular modules and Ionic lazy routes

Create a real time chat app with Ionic and Firebase

What's Included?

Free Support

15 days for satisfaction
or money back

Free Updates

Getting Started 🎉